On25 June 2012, at 3:07 pm MST, a small, 2.7 magnitude earthquake struck 9 miles NNW of Paulden, Arizonaevent location2.  There were no reports of damage and USGS’s “Did you feel it” online reporting site only received fewer than 10 responses.  AZGS geoscientist Jeri Young used the Arizona Broadband Seismic Network to locate the event precisely (see Google Earth figure to right). 

She captured some waveforms from nearby seismometers, too (see below).  The area north of Prescott, Arizona is home to the Quaternary Big Chino and Little Chino fault systems, both of which are capable of generating a M6.0+ earthquake. 

For some recent videos on the Big and Little Chino fault systems, visit our YouTube channel .