According to a report in “”, today’s earthquake swarm m5 brawley swarm

at the south end of the Salton Sea is the first of its kind in 30 years.  Since the early morning hours more than 200 tremors have rippled through southeastern California.  The largest event was a magnitude 5.5 event at 1:57 p.m (PDT).  Two other M5 or 5+ events occurred, as well as a number of M4+ events. 

Lucy Jones (USGS seismologist) is quoted in “” as saying that its likely there will be M4 and M5 events before the swarm ends.  (Image on the right is a USGS “Did you feel it?” map

showing the precise location of today’s M5.5 tremor.

SCA map

Index map of recent earthquakes in California and Nevada.  Brawley is situated in southcentral most California.  The large blue square represents today’s M5.5 event.

Michael Conway (26 August 2012)